Golden mask

Mask for skin firming, loosening, wrinkle smoothing and deep moisturizing. Active ingredients and vitamins along with 24K gold in this mask soothe the inflamed skin, bleach pigment spots and strengthen the skin. These active substances penetrate the deep layers of the skin and accelerate cell renewal. Collagen molecules skin abundantly hydrates, and hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin and acts as a catalyst for the formation of new cells.

Maske effects:

  • refreshes the tired skin
  • smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates
  • leaves the skin silky smooth and smooth
  • reduces inflammation, treats acne
  • brightens the skin
  • increases cell renewal
  • increases collagen production


  • Gold nanoparticles, seaweed collagen, hyaluronic acid, herb essences, ARBUTIN, mountain lily, hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycan, Colloidal minerals, Sodium PCA, distilled water.

Time of the procedure: 60 minutes/ 350 CZK/ person

French cosmetics GERnétic

Luxury intensive skin moisturizing

  • skin care using 12 products from Gernetic
  • result = highly hydrated, hardened, brightened, off skin

Time of the procedure: 90 minutes/ 1250 CZK/ person

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